Recipes from My Kitchen

Stromboli…with a twist!

on December 11, 2011

Stromboli is almost a staple food in this house – I frequently make it when I’m going out of town so the Mr. can survive without me here to buy the groceries and cook him dinner 🙂  My mama made this a lot, too, and it’s her recipe I use.  But today, I did something a little different.  Instead of using all of the frozen bread to make pepperoni/cheese stromboli, I made a Breakfast version!

I cooked half a roll of sausage (and froze the rest for later), made 4 scrambled eggs, and sautéed some onions and red peppers. (The Mr. said it could have used a little cheese, and I just forgot to add it; maybe next time!).  Roll out the frozen bread, then fill with the ingredients, and bake – it took about 25 minutes.  There’s a lot of bread so it takes a while to cook and make sure the bread is no longer doughy.

I forgot to photo the before –  but here is the after!  I made two cause I thought we’d have one each.  Instead, they were gigantic, so we split one, and he will use the rest for breakfast while I’m gone.  I have to admit – they turned out a lot better than I thought they would, and I definitely see it being repeat meal (especially if we have company!).


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