Recipes from My Kitchen

Breakfast with a Friend

on December 22, 2011

Greetings, from on-the-road!  Normally when I’m not at home, I take time off from being behind the pots and pans and let someone else do the cooking.  But I spent the night with a friend and she requested a special breakfast – I’ve made it for her a couple of times, and it’s super quick and easy – your guests will be impressed!!  You only need two ingredients, and then whatever flavor and spice you want to add.

All you need is a can of Pillsbury breadsticks and a pack of Microwave-bacon (the pre-cooked stuff).  You really need the breadsticks, and not something like pizza dough in a can – it will turn out much better.

After you roll out the sticks, season them with whatever you’d like (I used garlic salt and oregano), then lay a slice of bacon on top of each stick.  Start from an end, and roll the bacon and bread up in a spiral.

When you get to the end, connect that spiral with the next breadstick/bacon piece in line.  I usually put 4 breadsticks in one pinwheel – that gives you 3 per can.  Spray a  baking sheet with Pam and lay the pinwheels in there.

Bake at 375 (package suggestion) for 10-15 minutes.  You have to bake a little longer than what is recommended since they’re all rolled up together to make sure the bread is no longer doughy and cooked through.  You can also top with cheese if you’d like (but I think you should wait until it’s out of the oven, unlike me, and your cheese will melt better).  Serve with Eggs.  I tear off a piece of the bread and put a piece of egg on it like a sammich.  It’s also good topped with Salsa Verde (the green stuff) – a staple item at our house.  (Sorry about the picture quality – I only had my cell phone!!)



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