Recipes from My Kitchen

Enchiladas – the Cookbook

on January 5, 2012

So for my birthday, my MIL got me a coupon to make a cookbook and have it printed.  So I decided to make a book of recipes that are favorites around this house – recipes that I make on a fairly regular basis, and are all pretty easy.

Enchiladas have become a big staple at this house.  I’m not a huge fan of the mushy shells, so I usually save out some of the chicken filling and make a separate burrito out of it.  This also makes great leftovers.

Every time I make this dish, I make it a little differently.  This is a very good mix-and-match kind of recipe, so feel free to customize it.  Cook the chicken with some spicy peppers, then shop/dice/slice/shred finely.  Mix with some white rice (to stretch the filling out a little) and shredded mozzarella, then add a combination of heavy cream and salsa verde.










Heat up the tortilla shells (I use the large 8″ ones) so they are more pliable.  Spoon about 1/3 C of the chicken mixture onto the tortilla then fold in the sides and roll up.

Place all the shells into a baking dish, top with more of the salsa verde/heavy cream mix, a little more cheese, and bake about 15 min.



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