Recipes from My Kitchen

Italian Wedding Soup and Kale Chips

on January 14, 2012

The Mr. had to work today, and I didn’t go to the store – so tonight’s dinner is compliments of whatever-is-in-my-pantry!  Originally it was going to be chicken and rice – but that sounded just so…bland.  I’m sure I could have done something to perk it up, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  Thankfully, I had just read through my Food Network Magazine (I *seriously* love it – I highly recommend subscribing to it!!).  I had saved their Wedding Soup recipe – and I happened to have all the ingredients (minus pork, so I subbed in the chicken).

Cut up an onion and some carrots (I had shredded on hand, so much easier 🙂 ) and cook in a little bit of oil in your pot till tender.  Add in some minced garlic, and a splash of  worcestershire, then 3 cups of chicken broth.  *I keep bullion cubes on hand, a lot cheaper than using can after can of broth.  Bring this to a boil, then simmer a few minutes.

While this is simmering, make the meatballs.  The recipe calls for ground pork, but I only had chicken – you’re supposed to use it raw to make the meatballs, but I cooked it a little in the pan (probably would have been better raw); it was definitely undercooked when I removed from the pan, but that’s ok, it will finish cooking in the soup.

Since I don’t have a meat grinder, I used a food processor to chop up the chicken into tiny pieces.  Then mixed with breadcrumbs (panko), parmesan cheese, another clove of minced garlic, another splash of worcestershire, and then I added an egg yolk to help hold the meat together.   Form into meatball-shapes.

Add the Orzo (rice-like pasta) and cook for a few minutes.   Then add the meatballs.  They are cooked through when they float to the to of your pot (given there’s enough broth).  A couple minutes before it’s done, throw in some fresh spinach to wilt.

The other dish I made is a favorite of ours, and I make it a ton in the summer time.  I just had some leftover from a soup I made earlier in the week (will try to make it again and post, since – ha ha, who’s surprised – I forgot to take pics).

Kale chips are super easy, and really good for you.  Rinse off the fresh kale (you can get the fresh clump, or buy it in a bag), and tear into smaller pieces if necessary (but not too small).  Drizzle with oil, sprinkle on some salt, and bake at 400 for ~10 minutes.  The chips come out super crispy and delicious!!


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