Recipes from My Kitchen

Breakfast – semi-fail.

on September 8, 2013

So, I never made it to the grocery store yesterday.  Which means I had eggs, and that’s about it, in the refrigerator.  So I skimmed through my recipe books until I found something perfect – Eggs on a Cloud.

I used two eggs, separated the whites from the yolks (saving the yolks for later).  I whipped the egg whites until stiff peaks formed.  (*note – I used a whisk; it would have been much easier on my arm if I had used a hand mixer :-p)


After you get the whites to peaks, mix in some crumbled bacon and some grated cheese (pecorino romano or something like that).  Spoon the whites onto parchment, sprinkle with a little oregano, and bake @450 for ~3 minutes.


When the whites come out (yay, clouds!!) add the egg yolks into a well in the center of the “cloud” with a little salt and pepper.  Pop them back in the oven for a few minutes, until the eggs set (the recipe says 3 minutes, I did 6 minutes, and it still wasn’t enough).


The puffy little clouds turned out exactly like the recipe said, and looked perfect.  However, it just wasn’t something I really wanted to eat.  It might have been better with toast (nope, had none), or mixed with potatoes (nope, none of those either) – I think if I had put them on a hamburger bun and made it into a sandwich they would have been perfect.  Oh well – it’s nice to know the recipe worked, and it’s fun to try new things and see if I can get them to turn out.  So I consider this a win, even if only technically 🙂


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