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A Different Kind of Meatball

on February 23, 2016

I have made these Apple and Chicken meatballs before, but I have yet to actually pair them with anything – like a pasta, or a sauce, or anything – I usually just eat them.  I know, I’m terrible.  My goal is one day to find some such thing; but until then, I will just eat them plain and enjoy their simplicity.

I like these because they’re just a little different than your typical meatball (ground beef, red sauce).  These are made with chicken and a grated apple (I haven’t tried it, but I could almost guarantee you could substitute in applesauce).   So, lastnight, step 1 was Grate the Apple (but about halfway through I got tired of grating and just chunked it 🙂 ) .


Next, put some chicken breast, apple, and a few spices (onion powder, garlic, salt, pepper) in the food processor, with some bread crumbs, parm cheese, and parsley.


You pretty much need this to become almost paste-like, so don’t worry about over-doing it.


When it’s all mixed up, roll them into uniform spheres and roll them in a little flour.  This is for frying – I would think if you chose to bake them instead you could skip this part, but it does help fry up a nice outside.  The first batch I did had was on too high of heat – they charred a little more on the outside than I would have liked (don’t get me wrong, I ate them anyway, they just weren’t pretty).  If that happens, just make the next batch at a slightly lower temperature (I always do just a few meatballs in the first batch for this reason, adjust the temperature if needed, and put more meatballs in subsequent batches).


As you can see, I am not content with just making meatballs – there’s also some farfalle for my chickadee, the chicken I’m not currently using that will be going into the freezer for another day (buy in bulk – yay!), the soup I’m also making (that will probably be in another post) and all of its ingredients, and other various stages of unrest.  I need a sous chef – not to chop up my veggies and prep food for me, I like doing all that; I need someone to clear out my space, get rid of the dishes, put food back in the fridge, and keep me a little more in order (so I can stop setting off the smoke alarms; yes that happened last week…twice).


Then, when all is said and done, you have these perfectly golden, tasty, nekkid meatballs…that still need a sauce, or a noodle, or a zoodle, or a hoagie.   Delicious, but a little lonely.  These meatballs aren’t overly sweet, but they are very juicy and have a nice, light flavor.  Hopefully, the kids will like them (aside from frying, they’re basically chicken and apples), for those with picky eaters.

I know I found this online somewhere – and when I find the actual recipe link I’ll post it.  Until then, 1 apple, 1 chicken breast, and a few spices of your choosing should do you just fine.

Update: here is the link!

Chicken Apple Bites



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