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Breakfast for one, or many

So today I am going to a tea party!! I’m looking forward to it – tea with tiny, fancy sandwiches, scones, fruit.  However, it’s not until 3:30…which means a really late, really big breakfast to make it through the day. So to use some things I already had in the fridge I scoured the breakfast recipes I had and came across this one. It’s a take on a fritatta – and, as usual, I subbed ingredients where I could 🙂

The original recipe calls for 10 eggs, a couple potatoes, and the rest of the stuff. Since I’m not having a brunch party, I just cut down the ingredients…

2 eggs
2 small potatoes (about half of a baking potato)
sliced carrots (1/4 – 1/2 cup)
cabbage (I used lettuce, just as tasty)
bacon (microwave!!)
sour cream (greek yogurt)
green onions

Cook the bacon in a pan until crispy – save some of the bacon grease for the next step. I used pre-cooked, microwave bacon since I didn’t need much, and just cooked the veggies in olive oil. Slice up the potato and cook with the carrots for about 5 minutes – the veggies need to be softened. In the meantime, slice up the onion and the cabbage (or lettuce). When the potatoes are softened, add in the onion mix and cook a few more minutes. You might need to add additional olive oil, so it doesn’t all stick to the pan. Season with a little salt and pepper.

Since it’s just me, I didn’t figure I needed 10 eggs. So I just cracked two, and beat them within an inch of their life!!! Ha 🙂 I did beat them, but with just a little salt and pepper, nothing criminal. Here’s another slight variation – the recipe wants you to add the eggs to the veggie mixtures in the pan, and put the pan directly in the oven for baking. I don’t like doing that – my steel pans are not the best no-stick options, so I sprayed some Pam in a Fiesta bowl. I moved the veggies to the bowl, then poured the eggs in. I only stirred them enough to make sure the eggs were evenly distributed.


Baked them at 375 for about 10 minutes, then checked to see how set the eggs were; and added 4 more minutes. My only advice after this is to remove the bowl from the oven with potholders, instead of your hand (OUCH!). Use a knife (or an icing spreader) to softly remove the eggs from the bowl, and slide onto a plate. top with the chives and bacon, then a big dollop (or two :-)) of the greek yogurt. 2 eggs (140 calories); bacon (80 calories); potatoes and veggies (100-150); yogurt (20 calories). And very filling!!


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