Recipes from My Kitchen

More Turkey Leftovers!

Tonight was more leftovers – thank goodness I froze the rest of the turkey, I’ve about had my fill (oh, wait, i’m getting two more turkey dinners this week in WV…)

Tonight’s dinner was a favorite of ours – Turkey Posole Verde (normally made with chicken).

It was really easy – saute onions, garlic, and jalapenos in a pot.  Add in your chicken broth, oregano, turkey, and hominy (mmmm, hominy!!).  And your secret ingredient:  Salsa Verde

We love salsa verde – it’s great on eggs and toast for breakfast (you’ll probably see this in a later post!), there’s a great Tex Mex Chicken recipe (Pampered Chef), and it gives just the right amount of spice to this soup.

After you simmer the soup for a while, spoon into bowls, add fresh cilantro, and top with cheese.  I happened to have some goat cheese leftover from the weekend, and it was great – very tangy and a great contrast to the spice.

Hopefully some of you will make this with your leftovers, too!  Let me know how it turns out 🙂