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Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers

So, I’m trying to use things I already have in the pantry, and only buying meats and fresh veggies.  It’s harder than it sounds :-p  I have acquired a lot of random things that I can’t find (good) recipes for!  And I’m really not very hungry most evenings, so no recipe even sounds good.  Ugh.  But I’m trying 🙂

Tonight I wanted to make stuffed peppers.  I had leftover hamburger, big juicy red peppers, and some homemade spaghetti sauce.  All the fix’ins.  Well the Mr. said stuffed peppers are hard to eat, what if we chopped them up into the meat mix?  Hmm, interesting idea…

So here’s what I did!!

cooked white rice
spaghetti sauce
red pepper
white onion

While the hamburger is browning in the pan, I chopped up the half onion I had, and one red pepper.
Also, cook the instant white rice (a cup or so).  I added some onion flakes to the rice (and garlic powder to the hamburger mix) when it was done to season it.  When the hamburger is almost done, add in the chopped onion.  Transfer to a bowl.

Throw the chopped pepper in the pan and cook (~5 min), then add a little water to steam.  When it’s almost done, add in some chopped green onion (more for color than flavor).

Mix all of the meat and veggies together in a big bowl.  Add in a cup or so of spaghetti sauce (mine went bad in the fridge – booo, last of the homemade!! so I used canned tomatoes and a little store-bought sauce – worked perfectly).  Mix and toss on a plate.  Top with a little bit of cheese.  The Mr. raved about it – so I must have done it right 🙂 (sorry the picture is a little sloppy – this was my 2nd helping – I always forget to take a picture before eating!!)


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