Recipes from My Kitchen

Berries, Berries Everywhere!

I had some company this past weekend, my college roommate and her son, and I thought “What dessert can I make that would be good for a one-year-old, and adults?”  So I scoured my recipe books to find something – also summer appropriate – and this recipe (or rather, recipes) caught my eye.  I was impressed with how simple it was to make!  And it turned out so well.  This is definitely a keeper.

The first recipe is for a raspberry sorbet.  You could probably use any fruit you wanted, but raspberries sounded delicious and matched the cake I was making.

Take one bag of frozen raspberries (about 12 oz) and chop/pulse slightly in a food processor.  In the meantime, mix 1/4 C water with 1/4 C sugar until dissolved.  After you pulse the berries, and with the processor running, add the sugar water.  (I had to add a little extra water)  The berries should form a kind of paste, and will looks like …well, will look like sorbet should!  Remove from processor and put in a bowl in the freezer for about an hour or so.

For the cake – Get a pound cake!  I got a Sara Lee from the frozen section 🙂  Why bake, when she does it for you!!  Take the pound cake and, with a bread knife, slice into three layers.  Lay out some vanilla ice cream (about a pint) to soften and become spreadable.  Lay some wax paper in the pound cake container, and lay the bottom layer of the cake on top of it.

Lay some fresh, washed raspberries (couple handfulls) on the cake, then spread half of the ice cream on top (you can also do this in reverse order: ice cream first, then berries; I tried both ways, and both worked).  Put on the second layer of cake, and repeat with the berries and ice cream.  Lay on the top layer of cake.  When this is all stacked and ready to go, cover with foil and freeze for a couple hours.

Serve with the raspberry sorbet for an easy dessert that is kid- and adult!- friendly 🙂  Keep in mind though, if you freeze too long the berries will become little ice cubes – so you may need to set it out to thaw a few minutes before serving (best served~2 hours after freezing).