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A Two’fer

Two more popular dishes (that are making their way into the cookbook!) aren’t really big enough news to warrant their own posting, so I’ll combine them.  But don’t let the small post fool you – these are both great dishes that are quick and easy!

The first is seared Tuna with cheese and rice.  I started making this in the summer because I am allergic to shellfish; and – living in the Crab Capital – cracking steamed crabs is a very popular activity in which I cannot participate.  So I pick up a really nice piece of Tuna steak from the grocery store.

I sear it in a pan in a mixture of soy sauce and ginger paste.  It gives the tuna a great flavor and a little lubricant in the pan (instead of oil).  I cook the steak just a few minutes on each side, just to be sure it’s getting warm all the way through, but not cooking it all the way through.

When it’s done, I spread it over a bed of white rice, drizzle it with some of the soy/ginger mix, and serve with a side of sharp cheddar 🙂


Another easy week-night one-dish meal: Tex Mex Chicken.  This is a Pampered Chef recipe that the Mr. would have 8 days a week if I’d let him.  If you plan it right, you can cook the whole thing in one pan, then just layer it into a serving dish.

Start by pouring a Tbsp or so of oil into a pan and heating it up.  When it gets hots, pour in a can of corn (well drained) in a thin layer on top of it.  Let it cook without disturbing it for a good 7 minutes or so – you want the corn to caramelize a little bit.  When one side gets cooked, stir the corn and let the other side brown.  Then remove and place as the bottom layer in your dish.

Next, the chicken.  Toss some diced chicken with a packet of Taco Seasoning, then add back into the pan with some hot oil.  Cook chicken all the way through, and remove to serving dish on top of corn.

Finally, the rice.  There are a couple different ways you can do this – the recipe calls for pouring a little more oil into the pan to heat, then pouring in ~1 C or so of dry (uncooked) rice on top of it to let it brown a little.  Then add in a little chicken broth and some Salsa Verde (see – I wasn’t lying when I said I should buy it in bulk :-P) and cook till fluffy.  Add to chicken and corn mix.  The way *I* cook it (mainly because I forget what I’m doing) is I make instant rice in a bowl, then add a little broth (or water) to it, and the salsa.  Either way works.

This is a great weeknight dish, super easy, really tasty, and we love it.  Good job, Pampered Chef!!

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